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Simply magical

Some little inspiration for the little ones. You'll find these summer clothes and so much more by Ernsting's Family.

Shoes over Shoes

You also need the right footwear to go with the right summer outfit. Shoes like Birkenstocks, Sketchers or shoes for the little ones - you will find everything in our Schuh Bode!

Outfit inspiration

Summery is also the season at our Orsay. The colour trends speak for themselves. Maybe you'll find your matching summer-highlight here?

Little things for the little ones 

Whether on the beach or in the sandbox - kid's have fun everywhere. Especially with the suitable toy. Some inspiration you'll find by Woolworth.

Looking for sunglasses?

Brands like Ray-Ban, Ralph Lauren or Humphrey's - the sunglasses is a must for everyone! PS: You get -25% discout from our Apollo!

Summer outfit inspiration

Here we go: summer is coming. For you a little inspiration from H&M, NewYorker, Ernsting's Family or Zero. 

Just Relax

Everyone needs a day off in the exciting city of Berlin. With blanket (Danish bed camp), tea (Nanu-Nana) and book (Thalia) we created deep relaxation even on rainy days.

Wonder Waffel

Whether rain, sunshine, snow or thunderstorms - Wonder Waffle offers the right treat for everyone from Monday to Sunday. Our favourite quite clearly: the hazelnut wafer!

Rainy Season

Even in bad weather - always open for you. If you're looking for a special umbrella, have a look at Nanu-Nana! PS: For the little ones there are colourful rubber boots at Schuh-Bode!

Women's Day

International Women's Day stands for the equality and entitlement of all genders. Hats off for all women who fight and have fought for this. And we say thanks!


Spring is when the soul thinks in colour again - our spring-like decoration assortment is already waiting for your visit! Matching decorations are also available from us!

Spring at Woolworth

If this sight does not make you feel like springtime, we don't know. Woolworth brings spring to your home.


Spring at TEDi

Well? Did you immediately feel like decorating your apartment to match the spring? Then do not hesitate any longer and come over. You will surely find what you are looking for at TEDi!

Day of Congratulations

Have you already paid a compliment today? No matter if it's your best friend, your dad or a stranger, only a few words can make your day more beautiful. You will find small gifts for your loved ones in our center.


Day of Sales Clerk

Receive, present, advise and recommend - what would we be without our great salespeople? Thanks for everything!


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