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Schultheiss Quartier

main floor

Phone: -

Opening hours:
Mo-Sa 10.00 - 20.00 h

The Kebab

The kebab is on everyone's lips! Who hasn't heard them before, the many funny sayings such as "Kebab makes you more beautiful" or "Make every day a kebab day."

We want to set new standards with our kebab! FRESHNESS is the be-all and end-all at THE KEBAB. We prepare everything right in front of your eyes using natural ingredients. Our secret lies in the detail. We only use absolutely fresh ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals and free from preservatives and flavor enhancers. We also avoid industrially processed foods.

We source all products directly from selected, mostly regional suppliers. Individually prepared and balanced kebab sandwiches are what we offer our guests. The basis for this is fresh and crusty bread in different varieties every day. Each guest can put together their own individual sandwich using the type of bread of their choice and a variety of fresh toppings. Fresh garden vegetables and salad are an essential part of the kebab. Another ingredient is 100% juicy and protein-rich meat in betser quality! Whether chicken or veal, we guarantee our customers high-quality meat with a low fat content. Finally, there is a selection of sauces made to our own recipe, which give our kebab that certain pizzazz.

At THE KEBAB, we want to offer even healthier kebabs so that every day is a "kebab day".

Turmstraße 25, 10559 Berlin / Germany

+49 30 403646400



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